Name University and '21 Teams for 1st Contests.--Announce Schedule.

At the trials for the University and Freshman wrestling teams in the Randolph Gymnasium yesterday, the following men were chosen to represent their classes in the first meets of the season:

University--115 pound, A. L. Gardner Occ.; 158 pound, M. E. Weyner Unc, 175 pound, E. V. Parsonnet '21.

Freshman--125 pound, E. L. Sutcliffe; 135 pound, G. V. Smith; 158 pound, E. D. Weatherhead; 175 pound, C. C. Macomber; heavyweight, J. F. Brown.

Manager L. A. Watkins '21 has announced the following schedule which has been approved by the H. A. A.

University Wrestling.

February 15--M. I. T., at Cambridge.

February 22--Tufts, at Cambridge.

March 1--Brown, at Providence.

March 8--Yale, at New Haven.

Freshman Wrestling.

February 18--Tufts 1922, at Cambridge.

February 22--Milton, at Milton.

February 25--M. I. T. 1922, at Cambridge.

March 1--Andover, at Cambridge.

March 8--Yale 1922, at New Haven.

March 14--Boxing and Wrestling Tournaments at Harvard Union.