Candidates For Office at Tomorrow's Election Now 19.

The following additional nominations for Freshman Class officers have been made by petition:

President--Charles True Adams, of Chicago, III., and Harold Benedict Bross, of Boston.

Vice-president--Arthur Aylman Fisk, Jr., of East Orange, N. J., and henry Wilson Hardy, of Cambridge.

Secretary-treasurer -- Ralph Pratt Hoagland, Jr., of Boston.

The other nominations are as follows:

President--henry Francis Colt, John Crocker, Benjamin A. Hunneman, and Richmond Keith Kane.

Vice-president--Donald Angler, Mitchell Gratwick, and George Van Sicklen Smith.

Secretary-trasurer--Myles Pierce Baker, and Edwin Clapp Lincoln.

Student, Council Representative--Howard Elliott, Jr., Richard Neale Greenwood, John Edward Lumbard, Louis Butler McCagg, Jr., and Philip Mason Sears.

The election will be held in the Standish Hall Common Room tomorrow between 8.30 and 6 o'clock. The following Sophomores have been appointed watchers at the polls; any man who can not serve at the time indicated must obtain a substitute 8.30-9, R. S. Humphrey, J. A. Sessions; 9-10, J. Holmes, F. McN. Bacon; 10-11, A. Houghton, T. M. Avery; 11-12, E. L. Bigelow, C. S. Stillman; 12-1, P. Hofer, G. S. Baldwin; 1-2, T. H. Mills, H. H. Faxon; 2-3 J. Sise, A. W. Douglass; 3-4, R. L. Finley, F. W. Ingersoll; 4-5, G. C. Lee, J. O. Stubbs; 5-6, A. T. Mills, N. Thayer.