Defeated M. I. T. By Score of 12-7--MacDonell Chosen Captain.

In their first wrestling meet of the season Saturday in Randolph Gymnasium, the University matmen were victorious against the M. I. T. team by a score of 12-7. All the bouts were close, W. C. Wood of Technology being the only man on either side to obtain a fall. The rest of the points were won on decision. No heavyweight bout was held; and extra 135 pound event being substituted. Shortly before the meet J. A. MacDonell '21 was elected captain of the University wrestlers.

The summary of matches is as follows:

125-lb. class--G. Baker '20 defeated A. Addicks, M. I. T., decision.

135-pound class--C. P. Smith '21 defeated W. C. Robertson, M. I. T. decision.

J. Gordon, M. I. T., defeated J. Israelite '20 decision.

145-lb class--J. A. MacDonell '21 defeated R. L. Boles, M. I. T., decision.

158 lb. class--W. C. Wood, M. I. T., defeated C. P. Anderson '21, by a fall.

175 lb. class--E. V. Parsonnet '21 defeated E. W. Freeman, M. I. T., decision.