The annual Junior Dance will be given in the Living Room of the Union on the night of Monday, March 3, according to the announcement made last night by the Dance Committee. Regent M. Luce '91 has given permission to the committee to hold the dance, and the Union has again been secured for the evening from Mr. F. Wilkey, manager of the Dining Halls.

Blanks will be sent out within a day or two to all members of the Junior Class. In order to do this, men whose names are not in the CRIMSON Directory should notify the treasurer of the Dance Committee, 60 Mt. Auburn street, as soon as possible.

In order to facilitate the work of the committee it is imperative that blanks be returned to the treasurer of the committee on or before February 15. As soon as each man returns his blank he will receive tickets for himself and his partner, who will receive an invitation. Officers of the Senior and Sophomore classes and the members of the 1919 Dance Committee will be invited to attend under the same regulations that will govern the attendance of all members of the Class of 1920.

The dance this winter will be given along the same lines as previous Junior dances. The price of admission has been fixed, and tickets will cost $3.00 apiece for each gentleman and his partner. Dancing will be from 9 to 3 o'clock. All those attending the dance must combine to form in boxes of from six to twelve couples. They must appoint a chairman for each box from among themselves, who should make application for their boxes to W. J. Louderback '20, at 60 Mt. Auburn street, giving him the names of the occupants.