Class  Yesterday  Total 1919  $200  $4,700 1920  150  2,100 1921  1,500  15,450 1922  100  2,900 Total,  1,950  25,150 At large,  1,000  7,300 Grand total,  $2,950  $32,450

A weekly quota of $30,000 has been announced by the University Victory Liberty Loan Committee for the remainder of the campaign. As the drive is to last two more weeks, this will treble the amount originally announced as the college quota. During the past week, only $25,150 was subscribed by the college, but the purchasers from the University at large put the grand total at $32,450. However, only the subscriptions from undergraduates are to be counted towards the quota.

At present, Team C is far ahead of the other canvassing teams. Team A, from the Freshman dormitories is a very poor third. The Freshmen in the Yard are also lagging. The class of 1921 leads in both total subscribed and in number of purchasers. All canvassers will meet at the CRIMSON Sanctum tonight at 7 o'clock.