All Interested Invited to Meeting in Union at 6.30

The annual Social Service Dinner and Conference will be held in the Trophy Room of the Union under the auspices of the Phillips Brooks House Association tomorrow evening at 6.30 o'clock. Representatives of the various settlement houses and social centres will be the guests of the Social Service Committee at the meeting, and will discuss with the students, ways and means of improving the service rendered by University volunteers, and the problems of the Americanization of foreign students.

G. W. Tupper, Immigration Secretary of the Massachusetts Y. M. C. A., C. A. Coolidge, Jr. '17, former president of the Phillips Brooks Association, C. C. Webber of the Jamaica Plain Neighborhood House, and F. K. Bullard '20, will speak. G. C. Barclay '19, chairman of the Social Service Committee will preside.

All students of the University who are interested in social service work are invited to attend. As usual, the dinner, which will cost one dollar, may be charged on the term bill.