The placing of the names of the University men who died in the war in the rooms which they last occupied while at College is the fourth of the series of plans for a University War Memorial. The three previous suggestions, which have been published in the CRIMSON, for a new gymnasium, for a monument in the proposed park on the south bank of the Charles River, and for a large auditorium are projects which would require a great deal of time and money to put into execution, while the tablets in the College dormitories would cost much less, and would be more in the nature of a subsidiary memorial.

The above plan of placing tablets inscribed with the names of the men who were killed, in their respective rooms, was proposed at a recent meeting of the Memorial Society, where it met with great approval. The names would be simply, but appropriately framed, in the same manner in which the names of all former occupants of the rooms in the Yard dormitories are at present by the Memorial Society.

Question of Who Shall be included.

The plan involves several details of execution which have not yet been settled. In the first place, there is a question of what men should have their names inscribed. It is still undecided whether all former members of the University who gave their lives in the war should be included, or whether only those who reached France or died in action should be honored.

The second problem is by whom the framing and mounting should be done. The work might be put solely in the hands of the Memorial Society, or might be executed separately by the friends and classmates of the men who died.

It has not yet been decided how many facts concerning the military career of the man should be included. The Roll of Honor in Widener Library gives only the circumstances and date of the death, while many people believe that the whole military history of the deceased man should be printed. Others have suggested that a photograph of the former occupant of the room would also be appropriate. It is understood that these names will be posted only in the dormitories which belong to the University.

The Memorial Society, in conjunction with the War Records Office, has almost finished compiling the military records of the University men killed. These are being posted in the Roll of Honor in the Widener Library as fast as they are completed. Three columns of the roll are now in order, and the rest are being revised and will be ready by Memorial Day.

Four large screens which will contain the photographs of the Harvard dead are also being prepared by the Memorial Society. It has been possible to obtain likenesses of a very large proportion of those who died in the war, and these have all been reduced to standard size. The screens will be completed by May 30.