The Congress of International Students is holding a meeting in Paris at the present time at which representatives of colleges and universities all over the world are present. The object of the congress is to strengthen the bonds existing between the students of France and the students of other nations, particularly of the United States, and especially to deal with the following questions: equivalence in respect to diplomas and credits in different universities, study tours and missions, travelling fellowships exchange of professors, and special courses in France for foreign students.

About a year ago the Congress of International Students originated as the International Circle of Men and Women Students, and was announced in American college and university newspapers at that time. During the war, it was active in the work of organizing the different national groups, and in publishing magazines and bulletins of information. The end of the war has made possible a more active and intensive improvement toward establishing closer relations between the student bodies of the different nations.

It is desired by the Paris Central Committee that American college and university men, both students and instructors, send expressions of opinion concerning the general and particular objects of the Congress to the American representative, Mr. Robert Ferrari, 159 E. 122 street, New York City. These constructive criticisms will be made the basis of a report which will soon be published, and will govern the future action of the Congress.

Shortly after the meeting which is in session now, M. Jean Finelle, General Secretary of the International Bureau and Instructor at the College SainteBarbe at Paris, will make a tour of the colleges and universities of this country. He will explain the purposes of the Congress to the American students and professors, and get suggestions and advice for the future policy of the organization.