At its last meeting of the year yesterday, the Student Council voted that regular crew numerals be awarded to the members of the 1920 class crew for winning the intercollegiate class championship and the race with the Yale junior eight; that crew men who receive "honoris causa" degrees this year, but who intend to return next fall, will be eligible for "H's" and that members of the University and 1922 track teams who placed against Yale should be awarded "H's" and numerals respectively.

At the same time, the nominating committee for next year was appointed, which is to take charge of all business relating to the Student Council from the first day of June to the first meeting of the Council next fall. The members of the committee follow: J. C. Bolton '20, chairman, C. F. Batchelder '20, B. Lewis '20, E. W. Pavenstedt '20, E. A. Bacon '20, H. H. Faxon '21, J. N. Borland '21, and H. F. Colt '22.

The appointments of F. W. Hatch '19 as captain of the tennis team and J. A. MacDonell '21 as captain of the wrestling team for 1919-20 were also confirmed.

While the question of awarding regular numerals to the members of the Junior eight was being discussed, it was voted that future policy in this regard should come up for further consideration next year. The motion was also made that power be given to the managers of the crew and baseball teams to approve the awarding of "H's", second team insignia, and numerals to those men who compete against Yale, this motion to be acted upon next year. At the first meeting next fall, the further question of reorganizing the Student Council so as to have the Musical Clubs represented by their manager rather than by their president will be brought up.

The complete list of men who were voted track insignia follows: University C. A. Clark '19, H. C. Flower '19, E. O. Gourdin '21, R. W. Harwood '20, J. D. Hutchinson '19, C. G. Krogness '21, B. Lewis '20, L. B. Leonard, Occ., manager, W. Moore, Occ., captain, D. F. O'Connell '21, A. Perkins '19. 1922.--J. F. Brown, R. Chute, C. B. Crockett, R. P. Cutler, C. E. Dexter, W. F. Eaton, G. S. Fuller, M. Gratwick, L. B. McCagg, Jr., J. A. McCarthy, R. Page, R. G. Potter, manager, H. Seabury, B. Wharton, R. S. Whitney.

The members of the 1920 crew who receive numerals follow: C. E. Dickerson, R. C. Hardy, W. J. Louderback, Jr., A. Palmer, E. W. Pavenstedt, R. S. Saltonstall, L. B. Sanderson, B. C. Wheeler, R. B. Williamson