Practice for the 1919 football season had an auspicous opening on Tuesday September 2, when 21 players, backs ends, and centres, reported to Coach Robert T. Fisher. Candidates for the line reported a week later, on September 8 when the number on the squad was in creased to 93. Since then additional men have reported daily bringing the total up over a hundred. On Tuesday of this week Coach Fisher divided the candidates into first and second squads leaving 58 men under his own supervision and the others on the second squad for Coaches Paul Withington and Knox to work with.

Strong Backfield Probable.

With four letter men from the 1916 team in College, E. L. Casey, R. Horween, W. J. Murray, and W. B. Felton, in addition to several members of the informal and service teams of the past two years, the backfield is easily the strongest department of the game this fall. S. Burnham, a member of the squad in 1916 A. Horween who captained the 1917 informal eleven and R. S. Humphrey of the 1921 team are the other more prominent contestants for backfield positions.

M. Phinney at end is the only other "H" man on the squad. J. Ryan and J. Desmond, both of the 1916 squad are other strong candidates for the end positions, as are M. P. Davis and J. Gaston.

Many Line Candidates.

At tackle R. Hadley, a star of the 1920 Freshman team. H. H. Faxon. W. B. Frothingham, R. M. Sedgwick of the 1921 eleven, and L., B. McCagg and K. Kane of the 1922 crew, are contestants. T. Woods who is one of the best line candidates for the team has been shifted to guard, where it is likely he will be paired off with C. A. Clark, who played throughout the 1916 season. C. F. Havemeyer, P. Philbin, and G. D. Flynn are the leading trio at centre.

Since the beginning Coach Fisher has had a large number of assistants, most of whom learned football under the Haughton regime. Among them are Richard Wigglesworth, Samuel Felton, Henry Gardner. H. Hardwick, D. Watson Thomas Campbell, James Knox, D. Parmenter, Dr. Paul Withington, W. B. Snow, Robert Guild, Wingate Rollins, Charles Coolidge and Richard Lewis.

The schedule of games for the season on 1919 is as follows

September 27--Bates.

October 4--Boston College.

October 11--Colby.

October 18--Brown.

October 25--University of Virginia.

November 1--Springfield Y. M. C. A. College.

November 8--Princeton at Princeton.

November 15--Tufts.

November 22--Yale.