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To the Editor of the CRIMSON:

The notable collection of vermin at Deer Island is a surpassingly delightful spectacle, both to the eye and to the mind. It is pleasant to know that this mass of scum no longer infects our social and political institutions with its deadly poison. No doubt there is considerable "wailing and gnashing of teeth," among these apostles of chaos as they turn their eyes westward to behold for the last time their "Paradise Lost," but it is not far wrong to say that the greater their anguish the greater the pleasure to all real Americans. They have made their bed; let them lie on it.

For many years the Reds, under one name or another, have been gulping at the fountain of American civilization. Fertile soil, high wages, the protection of the law--all these, together with numerous other advantages offered by America alone, have been their privilege without one jot of sacrifice on their part. And in the face of all this they continuously vomit a volley of contemptuous statements about our government. They secretly concoct plans for the overthrow of law and order. It is to be regretted that there are some ministers and editors in the country who, in spite of absolute proof that the Reds have planned to overthrow this government, persist in fanning the flame of anarchism by urging from pulpit and press that these demons be coddled and petted and ultimately "Americanized." With what feigned anxiety they apprehend the approach of an autocracy where in there will be, and should be, a moral standard to be reached before an immigrant sets sets foot on American shores! Ah! It is too bad indeed for the workers in a hive to lay up honey only to have it devoured by moths.

The rounding up and deportation of the Reds is one of the most timely jobs that the government has undertaken in a long time. It is a job that will be commended by all true Americans, whether they be native-born or naturalized. If our doors are to be continuously and forever open to anarchists and their like, we shall become an asylum indeed--an insane asylum, however, whose inmates will be native Americans. If there are those--and there are many of them--who feel that the Reds are not getting a square deal, it is earnestly to be hoped that they will find it convenient to accompany their more unfortunate brothers; or, if they are unable to do this, there is a longstanding custom whereby disloyal citizens and spies are used as targets for a firing squad. And if there are any ministers or editors whose compassion so overpowers them that life will be no longer sweet without their loved ones, they, like Judas, may go hand themselves. "The world will little note nor long remember" their departure. JOHN M. WYMAN '23.

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