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A number of new courses have been added to the curriculum of the Graduate School of Business Administration for the second half-year which begins on Monday, January 26.

An instance of the Business School's success in keeping up with the times is the course on Income Taxation which is given for the first time this year by Dr. R. F. Tucker under the terms of the George H. Leatherbee bequest. After a brief study of the system of income taxes in general, the leading provisions of the War Revenue Act of 1919 will be analyzed in their application to common business experience. Visiting lecturers will also present situations for analysis and the students will report their solutions.

Cunningham on Traffic Management.

Another course of unusual interest is that on Traffic Management which will be conducted by Professor W. J. Cunningham and others. The aim of this course is to assist men who are to become traffic managers of industrial concerns or who are to engage in work connected with Chamber of Commerce or Boards of Trade, and so forth. It is intended also to acquaint business men in general with the important relations between the railroads and the public.

Professor O. M. W. Sprague will hold for the first time the courses in Foreign Exchange and Foreign Investment, and in Investments. The first of these will deal with the conditions abroad in the various countries and consider the solutions for the problems they display. The second aims to give the business man a sound understanding of investments, and discusses the various kinds suitable for different persons.

Trade Courses on South America.

Professor D. B. Roorbach will conduct the class in Foreign Trade which will be concerned largely with the South American countries. The purpose of this course is primarily to give the student an interpretative knowledge of the countries and the peoples to the south of the United States. A second object of the course will be a description and an analysis of the methods of carrying out trade with the various Latin-American countries.

New Course on Retail Stores.

Marketing, a course on Retail Store Management, will be given for this half-year by Mr. D. K. David, to consider the place of the retail store in the field of business. As there are over half a million of these stores in the United States, such a study of them is of great interest and importance. The course on Industrial Management will be given by Mr. J. J. Callan to study the various methods used in the factories of this country. It is a combination of research work and a series of informative lectures. In the field work of the course the students will obtain information as to the practices obtaining in the plants which they inspect.

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