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To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Less than a month remains before May twenty-ninth, the day for which the jubilee is set, and still the Freshman class is showing a woful lack of interest in the preparation for this event. The main purpose, of the jubilee is to weld the class together, to inculcate a class spirit and friendly dormitory rivalry by the inter-mural singing. To make this part of the affair a success faithful practice for the next month is essential. The time to prepare is shorter than usual this year, and to make up for this an increased enthusiasm and willingness to help on the part of every member of the class is necessary.

Not one of the halls has come up to snuff. There ought to be a hundred men out in each one every Monday, instead of the paltry 20 or 30 who have been attending. The result is that the jubilee is in the balance. It will be necessary to call the whole thing off unless the class immediately evinces more interest, shows more spirit. Each man must do his share. Forty-five minutes of song once or twice a week is not too much of a drain, even on the time of the busiest men; and these meetings are really more fun than work, more a pleasure than a duty.

The jubilee will be the only big party of the Freshman class this year, perhaps the only one the class will ever enjoy as undergraduates. The dance, the other festivities, all are secondary to the dormitory singing. They depend entirely on the spirit shown in the preliminary song practice. This coming Monday each hall will have individual singing; Thursday there will be a general practice at Smith Halls.

It's up to you. HENRY H. FAXON '21.   RICHARD S. HUMPHREY '21.   JOHN A. SESSIONS '21.   THOMAS S. LAMONT '21,   Chairman, Jubilee Committee.

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