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In its first meet of the season on Saturday afternoon the University swimming team defeated Springfield Y.M.C.A. College at the Boston Y.M.C.A. by a score of 31 to 22. Although the visitors won three first places, in the dive, the plunge, and the 220-yard swim, yet by capturing the relay event and taking both first and second in the 100-yard dash the University team overcame the advantage their opponents had secured.

Handicapped by the loss of E. C. Mott-Smith, who has been provisionally placed in the Freshman class until mid-year's, and P. Johnson '21, who has been declared temporarily ineligible by the College office, the team made an unexpectedly fine showing.

Relay: Won by Harvard. (Tilton, Brackett, Stoddard, Worcester). Time, 1m. 52 3-5sec.

Fancy dive: First, Livingstone (Springfield); second, A. Levy '21; third, N. R. Knox '21.

50-yard dash: First, G. S. Worcester '22; second, Eastwood (Springfield); third, Nichols (Springfield). Time, 26 2-5 sec.

220-yard swim: First, Livingstone (Springfield); second, W. W. Douglass '22; third, Peabody (Springfield). Time, 3m. 5 1-5sec.

Plunge: First, Benson (Springfield); second, Ladd (Springfield); third, P. Tishman '21. Distance, 57ft.

100-yard dash: First, A. H. Brackett '22; second, G. S. Worcester '22; third, Eastwood (Springfield). Time, 1m. 4 1-5sec.

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