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That the United States Golf Association will send a committee abroad to confer with the Royal and Ancient Committee of St. Andrews on possible changes in the golf rules was definitely decided at a recent meeting of the association. Mr. George H. Walker, the new president, declared in his inaugural address that the game of golf should be ruled by the players and that such questions in the rules as the stymie, the standardization of the ball, the lost ball and "giving advice" should be thoroughly probed at this conference.

Welcome Suggestions.

President Walker desires that suggestions be made from clubs which are members of the U. S. G. A. for the benefit of the committee which will be sent abroad, It has been suggested that this committee should be made up of one representative each from the different districts, North, South, East and West. This idea seemed to meet with favor from the delegates and would be eminently fair, particularly as the East and West are at odds today over the stymie, the Western Golf Association having abolished that feature of the game.

Provided the golfers of the land, through their clubs, take President Walker at his word and put on record their position with respect to the stymie, the lost ball, etc., the committee to be sent abroad will have definite opinions on the questions of changing the rulings.

Provide for National Championships.

The national championships were awarded to the various clubs as had been expected. The amateur was awarded to the Engineers' Club of Roslyn, L. I., the North Shore Country Club lending the use of its course for the qualifying rounds. The national open goes to the Inverness Club of Toledo and the women's to the Mayfield Country Club of Cleveland which was the club decided upon by the women's committee of the U. S. G. A. in consultation with Howard F. Whitney at Shawnee last fall. The national open and amateur championships will be given dates that do not conflict with the British championships.

Walker President of U. S. G. A.

As is customary the officers for 1920 who were designated by the nominating committee last fall were declared elected unanimously. George H. Walker of the St. Louis Country Club was chosen president. Howard F. Whitney of Narsau, was made one of the vice-presidents after having served as secretary for several years. The other vice-presidence goes to J. F. Byers of the Alleghan Country Club, Swickely, Pa. W. D. Vanderpool, Mossis Country Golf Club, Secretary; and Mortimer N. Buckner, Garden City Golf Club, treasurer, were the other officers.

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