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Harvard has been fortunate in the building of an ice pavilion in Cambridge to take the place of the destroyed Arena. But it does not seem that the fullest utilization is being made of the new facilities. The fault does not lie in the small ice surface, for the six-man game is proving fast and exciting. And another supposed difficulty, the limited seating capacity, has not yet caused trouble. The real difficulty appears to be the lack of cooperation between the hockey management and that of the pavilion in the distribution of the available seats.

Under the present plan, seats are placed on sale in Harvard Square at Leavitt and Peirce's, where they may be purchased for $2.20, standing room for $1.10. Because of the comparatively high price of single seats and the lack of season tickets, there is little encouragement for students to attend games. Another drawback lies in the failure of the Pavilion to provide any cheering section. Unless steps are taken immediately, the Yale game will be the only contest at which there will be any organized seating arrangement. For the convenience of undergraduates, the Athletic Association is planning to take charge of applications of students and graduate hockey "H" men for that game.

By co-operation with the authorities of the Pavilion, it should be possible to organize a system under which students could buy season tickets or single seats near other Harvard supporters. This would both encourage undergraduate attendance at games and give the hockey team better organized support.

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