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Statistics collected by the Institute for Public Service are encouraging in that they indicate a steadily and rapidly growing appreciation of higher education among the American people. The figure are somewhat disquieting; however, to those who notice that if the demand for instruction in colleges and universities increases at the present rate-and nothing as yet indicates the probability of any change in forty years from now either the present facilities for giving higher education will have been increased several hundred times or else enormous numbers of young men and women will apply for entrance only to be turned away for what will seem to them the very bad reason that there is no room for them.

Not in forty years, or in four hundred for that matter, will the sites for colleges in the United States all have been occupied, or our financial resources have been exhausted by building colleges, but there is at least excuse for raising the question whether a multiplication of colleges as fast as now seems to be required is entirely wise for asking the other question, whether the real productiveness of the present colleges could not be increased otherwise than by adding to the number of their "halls" and enlarging their Faculties. It might be done by raising the standards of admission, and especially by a stern elimination of students who do not, or who cannot, demonstrate to the satisfaction of their instructors their capacity for acquiring and utilizing a higher education.

It has been proposed that this process of elimination begin in those great feeders of the colleges, the public high schools and the private preparatory schools, and for this, too, there is something to be said. -New York Times.

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