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Interdormitory tennis started yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field, when J. S. McCloy 3L., former Amherst players directing Freshman, tennis, paired off his sections in a preliminary round.

All Freshmen reporting for tennis are eligible for the tournament. Since nearly a hundred men are turning out, it is necessary to divide them into four sections in order to accommodate them on the available courts. These sections are, in turn, divided according to dormitories, and the players eliminated in successive rounds. The best player from each of the three Freshmen Halls will be thus chosen in every section. Picking one man to each hall from the four sections, teams to represent the various dormitories are to be made up. In a tournament that will start some time next week, these teams will meet and compete for the interdormitory championship.

Points Count-Towards Trophy

Points will be awarded for places in the tournament on a basis similar to the other Freshman fall interdormitory contests: five points for first place, three for second and one for third. These points go towards the trophy awarded to the dormitory winning the greatest number of points throughout the year in athletic contests, Smith Halls holding the trophy at present. The contests comprise interdormitory tornaments of the various sports, but points are allowed for having players on Freshman teams.

Many former preparatory school players are among the participants, and several have exhibited promising form. Coach McCloy is very optimistic over his material and should develop strong prospects for the spring.

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