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Voting for the officers of 1922 and 1923 will take place tomorrow in the Crimson Building from 8 until 6 o'clock.

In accordance with the 1923 constitution, the Nominating Committee, composed of last year's officers, have made additional nominations, making three nominees for each office: President, William Claypool Bennet of Somerville; and Secretary-Treasurer, Sheridan Logan of Saint Joseph, Missouri. A petition for the nomination of Raymond Henry Keegan of Springfield for Student Council Member was the last one filed.

The complete list of nominations reads as follows: for President, Charles Chauncey Buell, William Claypool Bennet and Henry Sturgis Morgan; for Vice-President, Winthrop Hallowell Churchill, John Rogers Flather, John Edward Kennedy and Duncan Forbes Thayer; for Secretary-Treasurer, Robert Gay Hooker Jr., Sheridan Logan and Edwin Sibley Webster Jr.; Student Council Member, John Gardiner Flint, Raymond Henry Keegan, Alexander Haven Ladd Jr. and Charles Dwinell Whidden.

As no additional nominations were made by petition for the class officers of 1922 on or before Saturday, the nominees are: for President, Louis Butler McCagg Jr. and Richard Robertson Higgins; Vice-President, Edward Francis Goode, John Morrison Martin and Richard Skinner Whitney Jr.; Secretary-Treasurer, Gardner Sutherland Morse of Hingham and Joseph James Kennedy; Student Council Members (four to be elected), Malcolm Bradlee, Robert Gray Potter, Edward Daly Weatherhead, George Miller Appleton, Mitchell Gratwick, Myles Pierce Baker and John Crocker. The nominating committee has the constitutional right to name a third nominee for any of the offices before the election, which will be held simultaneously with the Sophomore election tomorrow.

The following members of the class of 1923 have been appointed poll watchers in tomorrow's elections and must send a substitute if unable to be present personally; 8-9, Mitchell, S., and Stearns, W. E.; 9-10, Cochran, D. A. and Eaton, C. F.; 10-11, Barker, G. T., and Butman, P. W.; 11-12, Andrew, S. B., and Cummings, C. K. Jr.; 12-1, Reed, H. H., and Williams, D. A.; 1-2, Knox, A. D., and Robb, R.; 2-3, Shaw, W. K. Jr., and Dunscombe, D.; 3-4, Tyson, H. B., and Thayer, R. F.; 4-5, Bradferd, R. F., and Young, E. S.; 5-6, Fiske, F., and Brander, R. F.

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