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That the Farmer-Labor Party will carry Washington and South Dakota and possibly three or four other states, is the opinion of Swinburne Hale '05, one of the speakers at the Union this evening. In an interview over the long-distance telephone yesterday morning, Mr. Hale explained that the Farmer Labor Party is on the ballot in only 22 states. In the remaining states, the voters will be forced to signify their desire to elect Farmer-Labor candidates by writing their names in on the ballot. This, said Mr. Hale, is a great handicap, as few voters actually avail themselves of this privilege. Lack of funds has been another obstacle in the path of the new party, which was organized only three months ago in Chicago. But in spite of all this. Mr. Hale believes that the Farmer-Labor Party will closely contest the two old parties in many states.

For example, in Illinois the American Labor Party is only a year old. Yet at the first election, it elected a majority of members of the city council in East St. Louis, the second largest city in the state, and at the second election the Labor candidate for mayor in the same city was victorious. This vote will go to the Farmer-Labor Party in the coming election.

Mr. Hale was asked if the Farmer-Labor Party did not appeal to the same class of voters as the Socialist Party. The answer was an emphatic "No."

"The citizens who vote the Socialist ticket," said Mr. Hale, "are only the Simon-pure Socialists. The Farmer-Labor Party makes its appeal to the laborers, the farmers, the small business men, the professional men. It is an American party, with American principles and ideals.

"We do not expect victory this year, but we are slowly laying the foundations for a Third Party which will give expression to the great number of American voters who are looking for the betterment of American politics."

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