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Voting for the officers of 1922 and 1923 will take place today in the Crimson Building from 8 until 6 o'clock.

The final lists of nominations for the officers of the two classes are as follows: 1923: President, C. C. Buell, W. C. Bennett and H. S. Morgan; Vice-President, W. H. Churchill, J. R. Flather, J. E. Kennedy and D. F. Thayer; Secretary-Treasurer, r. G. Hooker Jr., S. Logan and E. S. Webster Jr.; Student Council Member, J. G. Flint, R. H. Keegan, A. H. Ladd Jr. and C. D. Whidden. 1922: President, L. B. McCagg Jr. and R. R. Higgins; Vice-President, E. F. Goode, J. M. Martin and R. S. Whitney Jr.; Secretary-Treasurer, G. S. Morse and J. J. Kenned; Student Council Members (four to be elected), M. Bradlee, R. G. Potter, E. D. Weather head, G. M. Appleton, M. Gratwick, Myles P. Baker and John Crocker.

The elections today will be the first to be conducted under the new amendment to the class constitutions which provides that at least two-thirds of the members of each class must vote in order to make the elections valid.

The following members of the class of 1923 have been appointed poll watchers and must send a substitute if unable to attend personally: 8-9, Mitchell, S., and Stearns, W. E.; 9-10, Cochran, D. A., and Eaton, C. F.; 10-11, Barker, G. T., and Butman, P. W.; 11-12, Andrew, S. B., and Cummings, C. R. Jr.; 12-1, Cabot, J. N., and Williams, D. A.; 1-2, Knox, A. D., and Robb, R.; 2-3, Shaw, W. K. Jr., and Dunscombe, D.; 3-4, Tyson, R. F., and Young, E. S.; 5-6, Fiske, F., and Brander, R. L.

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