Team Comes Out of Game Unscathed--Midshipmen Will Furnish First Real Test for Tiger Squad

The first practice session at Princeton following the 35-0 defeat of Washington and Lee showed the Orange and Black line-up more as it will face its big games. The preliminary portion of the season closed with Saturday's game, and the Tiger will take on the Midshipmen, West Virginia, the University, and Yale on successive Saturday.

There will be no excuse for the mediocre passing in recent games, due to the temporary installation of substitute backs and guards at center. Captain Callahan, though kept out of games and all scrimmage recently, has been handling the ball enough to show that his aim is as true as ever. The signal session went off with increased snap and boded ill for Folwell's Navy team. There were no really serious injuries following Saturday's defeat of the Generals. Scheerer, whose play scintillated Saturday, is "riding" a charley horse, and Halsey, big guard, was somewhat bruised. Both will resume scrimmage in a few days. Thomas returned to his former position at guard, and Raymond at end.

Roper Picks Flaws

Practice started with a talk under the goalposts by Roper, in which he criticized the weak points in the play against the Virginians, laying particular stress on the poor passing of Thomas and Opie, the ragged interference and the slow starting of the backs.

The first eleven that ran through signals lined up: ends, Raymond and Davis; tackles, Hooper and Keck; guards, McCaull and Thomas; center, Captain Callahan; Lourie, quarterback; Gilroy and Wittmer, halfbacks; Garrity, fullback.


The return of John McCaull, captain of his Freshman team, has done much to fill the vacancy in the center of the line. Towers, Speers and Halsey are putting up a slashing game flanking Captain Callahan, and when Rutan gets over injuries, there seems no reason why last year's tackles, McGray and Bigler, will be as sorely missed as was expected. Al in all, Coach Roper seems to have done mighty well with his late start: and when the rough edges of the Roper forward-pass attack are polished off, it is hard to see just where Princeton is going to be weaker than last year, Lourie is filling in more than acceptably at quarterback; German and Gilroy, last year's Freshman flashes, are living up to their reputations, and Thompson, all-around athlete, has been the surprise of the season thus far. In this, his first season of University football. Thompson has been injured and has not yet regained his speed; he is not expected to round into his best form until the game with the University, three weeks away.

Navy Squad Handicapped

The Navy brings to the Tigers' lair a fair-to-middling squad, the seasoning of which has been impaired by the late return of several members who rowed on the victorious crew at the Olympic Games at Antwerp this summer. As a result of this, North Carolina forward passed the Midshipmen into a state of coma and snatched the first game of the season, 14-7. Since then, Coach Felwell's men have taken a brace. Folwell will be remembered hereabouts as the coach of the Washington and Jefferson aggregation that no nearly defeated the University here in Buckley's year. The score, 16-9, indicates the closeness of the game, a goal after the touchdown by F. B. Withington '15 turning practical defeat into victory. If Folwell has found amongst his Navy squad as shifty, clusive and hard-running back as he had that year in Spiegel, Princeton will need all the speed that she controls in Lourie, McPhee, Gilroy, Gorman and Murrey, to stop him. But reports do not have it so.