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To-night the tutorial system comes up for discussion at the Union. Every undergraduate who takes an interest in improving educational methods should be on hand to hear Professor Merriman outline the situation. The meeting is to be open in the real sense of the word, and anyone who has a question or an idea will receive full opportunity to discuss it. As has been pointed out before, there are some grave objections to the scheme as it stands, notably the proposal to maintain two systems side by side; but it contains constructive points as well. The idea of three courses a year is well worth considering.

Heretofore, all agitation for an extension of the tutorial system has come either from the faculty or from those comparatively few older students who have had some experience under the proposed system as it exists in Europe. It is a distinct departure from existing habits for a body of undergraduates seriously to devote themselves to the problem of getting more out of college than has been gotten before, and is a good sign of the change that is taking place in the student's attitude toward his work. The Educational Association has siezed on a good idea; non are more ready to admit it than members of the faculty. None are more ready to offer sound advice and that experience which the students lack. When old and young shall have put their heads together the resulting product is bound to be good.

It is to be hoped that the newly baptized educators will take in good part the proffered assistance and criticism so that the really constructive elements in their scheme may not be lost through their inability to see its weak points.

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