A two hour session yesterday finished the University team's active preparation for the impending clash tomorrow with the Centre College team, which is scheduled to arrive in Boston at 2.25 this afternoon. The team will be rushed over to the Stadium for an hour's practice before the Crimson team shoots through its final short signal drill.

In the judgment of Dr. Edwin H. Nichols, the four regulars who have been on the reserve list this week will be ready to jump into the fray when the whistle blows. Captain Horween, Havemeyer and Woods are fit again and Kane's strained shoulder has limbered up.

Fitzgerald is driving the team so well that he is slated to start at quarter with Captain Horween, Owen and Churchill filling the other backfield assignments. The ends will be Gaston and Kane; tackles, Faxon and Hubbard; guards, Tolbert and Woods; center, Havemeyer.

Give Blackboard Talk

Early in the afternoon the men had a long blackboard talk followed by a half-hour snappy signal drill on the field and breaking through practice. the coaches went from man to man giving individual advice and instruction. The kickers were watched closely as they booted the pigskin, for kicking may prove to be the most important factor in the game tomorrow, especially if the Centre line offers real opposition to the Crimson forwards.


When this preliminary work was over the waiting second team was called into the Stadium for a 40-minute dummy scrimmage in which the coaches made the men play so as to avoid danger of last minute injuries.

Unless the Centre eleven develops unexpected power, a straight line plunging attack ought to bring victory. As Yale and Princeton scouts will be watching every Harvard formation eagerly expecting to see them uncover one of their complicated trick plays, the coaches wish to guard the secrets of their offense and consequently will not open up such an attack unless it is a necessity.