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Necessity for Class Officers


(The Crimson invites all men in the University to submit signed communications or timely interest. It assumes no responsibility, however, for sentiments expressed under this head and reserves the right to exclude any whose publication would be palpably inappropriate.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Almost 60 per cent of the Class of 1922 have not voted and the Class of 1923 has had great difficulty in getting its necessary quota of votes. This state of affairs is due to one of two causes. Either the members of these classes have no class spirit whatsoever and are too lazy to vote, or they have positive principles against casting their ballots. Surely the members of the first group can have no defense for their position. That sort of man only hurts Harvard. He is ready to receive an education from the college, while he is not willing to become a loyal and class-spirited Harvard man. There is an opportunity today for such men to show their spirit and remove the stigma from their class.

Last week, the CRIMSON published a letter written by two members of 1922. The letter voiced the sentiment of the other group of those who will not vote. This group feels that the class officers are a useless institution. Members of the group often do not know the men put up for office, take no interest in them and do not care to give honors to men who appear to do nothing while in office. I do not think that men are justified in taking this position. In my opinion, class officers are not a useless institution, but a very necessary one. Every group must have leaders or it will lost its individuality. If some matter of great moment to the class comes up, there should be officers who could get the class together, find out its feeling and act as its representatives. The class officers manage the smokers, the only social functions that a class goes in for. The class is brought together at these smokers, which must be run by leaders, the choice of the class. Officers should not be chosen by any other body than the class, because they would not be direct representatives of the class. JOHN W. WATSON '22.

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