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The following letter, a copy of the one which was sent to President Lowell was recently received by Mr. R. Coggeshall '16, who had charge of the Harvard Reconstruction Unit which spent last summer in reconstruction work in France.

The letter is addressed to Mr. Coggeshall and reads as follows:

Dear Sir:

"In acknowledging the receipt of your recent letter, I have the pleasure of sending to you a copy of the letter which I sent today to Mr. A. Lawrence Lowell, the President of Harvard University.

"I take this occasion to thank you for the efficacious aid which you have so kindly offered to the work of reconstruction and I beg you to transmit this expression of my thanks to the members of your mission.

"I hope that you will accept, sir, this expression of my highest consideration." The letter is signed by the Minister of the Freed Regions of France.

The enclosure, a copy of the letter written to President Lowell, follows: "Your delegate, Mr. Reginald Coggeshall, has just let me know that the sojourn in France of the Harvard Mission is coming to an end, and that the young men who compose it must reenter the University to continue their studies.

"I am the official spokesman of all the inhabitants of the liberated regions who found themselves in contact with the members of the mission, in sending you today the sincere expression of their thanks for the great service which they have rendered.

"I join with it my personal gratitude, and I will be particularly grateful if, as the letter of Mr. Reginald Coggeshall has led me to hope, a second mission shall again come during next summer to undertake new work of this nature.

"I believe it is useless to add that my ministry will, in this occasion, be placed at the disposition of this mission in order to facilitate its stay.

"Please accept, my dear President, the expression of my highest consideration."

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