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After trying out many combinations in line-up which have involved at least one shift a week during the first five weeks of playing, Coach Fisher has finally found a line-up which seems to be the most satisfactory arrangement that can be made of the 1920 material. As in past years, the first part of the season has been devoted to trying out and selecting the best material. This early-season "picking and choosing" culminated with the Centre game on Saturday, and the remaining four weeks will be devoted to polishing the selected material, with special attention to defense against Yale and Princeton plays. The regulars will not have much scrimmaging, even in the Virginia and Brown games, in order to safeguard the first-string men from injuries.

The smooth working of the Fisher machine on Saturday, combined with the near approach of the Princeton game, seems to indicate that there will not be many important changes in line-up during the remainder of the fall. Several rearrangements may be occasioned by present and future injuries to the eleven.

Gaston's Injuries Serious

Gaston's hand is severely bruised and it is impossible to say whether he will be able to start the Tiger contest. He has played a consistent game at wing, and, before the Centre game, it would have seemed impossible to replace him; but Crocker was so reliable against the Gold and White that it seems certain he will fill Gaston's shoes and may even give the injured right wing a close race when he returns.

Eastman is another substitute who sprang a surprise last Saturday. Hubbard's knee does not seem to be so serious as Gaston's wrist, but the return of the trouble with his semi-lunar cartilage, which bothered him at Milton, may keep him out longer than is now expected. If this is the case, the coaches will be grateful for a man of Eastman's calibre to fill the gap between Tolbert and Kane.

Sedgwick Practically Ready

Sedwkick's neck is much improved, and he could have been used Saturday in a tight place. The coaches, however, do not wish to run the risk of a recurrence of this strain, which might incapacitate him for the Bull Dog battle. Faxon has played dependable football in his place, but is not a natural "scrapper" of the type of Hubbard or Sedgwick. His build is not so good and he is unable to give such punishment as is meted out by his giant comrades. He is a steadying influence in the line, and it is by no means certain that Sedgwick, handicapped by lack of practice, will displace his slighter rival for the tackle position.

An injury to Havemeyer would probably occasion the most radical shift of all. With Tierney still on the doctor's list, and Morrison playing as guard, Kunhardt is the only available substitute. Under these circumstances, the coaches would undoubtedly shift Horween into the keystone position if Havemeyer were laid up. Owen seems well fitted to assume the line-plunging duties of the captain, and his irreplaceable defensive ability will be equally available at center or fullback. This shift would put either Hamilton or Humphrey in the backfield; the former would increase the line-bucking strength of the team, while Humphrey would attend to the kicking threat and offer a well-balanced backfield with three men almost equal in punting and open-field running strength.

Owen and Churchill Dependable

One of the most encouraging features of Saturday's game was the all-around work of Owen and Churchill. Many critics believed that these two Sophomores would not look so well in their first big game as they did against easier opposition. Others believed that Churchill, although the most dangerous man on the gridiron when the ball was in his hands, was not dependable defensively. Any such criticism was shattered by his splendid tackling, even when cut down by the active Centre interference. Owen also showed himself as one of the hardest running backs in the fleet Crimson backfield.

An easy week is in prospect for the Crimson pigskin chasers except for the ill-starred second team, who will be hard at work learning Princeton plays. There is little doubt that eleven substitutes will start against Virginia. One of the most likely changes will be a real try-out of Wales at quarter, who, delayed in his return to Cambridge, has had but little chance to show his good or bad points this year.

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