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The three bronze shields which were given by Mr. Jesse I. Strauss '93 to the Freshman dormitories have been finished and will be hung in the halls as soon as the name of Gore has been engraved under the heading "autumn" and the name of Standish under "winter" and "spring" for 1919-20. The reason for the this is that Gore won the most points in the interdormitory fall sports and Standish in the winter and spring activities last year.

H. Perrin '21 won the prize given for his drawing which was accepted by the Jury of Award as the best of the 10 handed in during the competition held last winter. The designer's idea and groundwork were excellent, but the shields as finally molded are also the result of Professor J. S. Humphrey's and Professor A. Pope's efforts, for they made a number of changes in the contour. With the exception of the individual dormitory seals, an owl for Standish, a bull's head for Gore, and the Harvard "veritas" for Smith, the design of each trophy is identically the same.

Manner of Choosing Winner

In deciding which hall is the winner in the most athletic activities in any particular season, several factors are considered. Every team that is organized in a sport is included in the competition and the result is not decided on the outcome of the contest between the first teams from each dormitory alone, but also on the outcome of the contests between the lower teams. In all the sports in which there is a team that plays against other colleges, the representation of each dormitory on this team is also counted because such men would not be represented in the decision otherwise as they are not permitted to play for their dormitories.

Last year the halls scored as follows: fall, Gore 33, Standish 25, Smith 23; winner, Standish 16, smith 12, Gore 8; spring, Standish 17, Smith 13, Gore 13.

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