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Smith Halls won the Fall Interdormitory Track Meet held yesterday on Soldiers Field with a score of 50 points. Standish finished second with 39 points, while Gore trailed with a total of 31. Gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded for first second and third places respectively, and will be given out at the H. A. A. at 1.30.

H. W. Davis of Standish won the 100 yard dash with a time of 10 4-5 seconds. He was followed by A. S. Simmons of Smith, and by Stamates of Standish. The mile run was won by C. Newhall of Gore with a time of 4 minutes 58 seconds, while R. E. Pannier of Standish and J. C. White of Smith trailed him to the tape in that order.

It was impossible to run the hurdles at the correct distances as the meet was held near the baseball diamond on Soldiers Field, where there was no long straight-away. For this reason the high hurdles race was run at approximately 80 yards. The race was won by J. C. Buchanan of Gore in 13 1-5 seconds. A. C. Sedgwick of Smith and W. J. Reycroft, who was running for Gore, were the other point winners. Buchanan also took first place for Smith in the 120-yard low hurdles, while H. L. Kohn of Gore and A. C. Sedgwick of Smith won second and third places respectively. Buchanan's time was 1-5 3-5 seconds.

Run 160-Yard Dash

A hundred and sixty yard dash was substituted for the two-twenty because of lack of straightaway. This event was won by H. W. Davis of Standish, with A. S. Simmons, a Smith man, and Norrie, a Gore man, capturing second and third. Davis' time was 17 1-5 seconds. The quarter-mile gave Standish a first place when P. Gossler crossed the tape in 56 3-5 seconds. S. P. Hutchinson and Barral, both of Smith, took the other two places. D. H. Wallace, running for Gore, won the gold medal in the half-mile, when he crossed the tape in 2 minutes and 15 seconds. F. P. Delafield and A. E. Saunders took second and third for Smith and Gore respectively.

Two-Mile Run Good Race

The two-mile run was perhaps the most interesting race of the day. E. Schaefer captured first place for Smith with a time of 11 minutes 16 seconds. H. L. Gilbert, another Smith man, took second, with A. L. Coburn of Standish in third.

The 12-pound shot put was won by J. H. Sipp, who threw the weight 37 feet 6 inches. C. C. Carpenter and A. T. Raymond of Gore were the next men. The hammer throw went to Bright of Standish, whose distance was 76 feet 10 inches. A. T. Raymond and C. C. Carpenter of Gore were his nearest contenders.

Eighteen feet 6 inches won first place in the broad jump for H. W. Davis of Standish. Hubbard and Simmons of Smith jumped 18 feet and 17 feet 6 inches respectively. Hubbard of Smith captured first in the high jump with 5 feet 1 inch. P. D. Gerould of Standish and A. E. Saunders of Gore tied for second with 5 feet. Norris of Gore, P. D. Gerould of Standish and J. C. Goodwin of Gore were the winners in the pole vault. Norris won the event with a height of 7 feet 10 inches

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