Arrangements for the Torchlight Parade which the Harding supporters are to hold tonight have been completed. This procession, which will probably be the largest political demonstration of its kind ever held in Boston, will be made up of nine divisions composed of veterans of the world war, women's organizations, representatives of the various trades, professions and Republican clubs as well as of the Harding-Coolidge Clubs of Boston University, Harvard, M. I. T., and Tufts. The parade, which will start at 7.30 P. M. at the corner of Arlington street and Commonwealth avenue south, will be headed by 10 bands and drum corps.

Headquarters Established

Headquarters of the 7th division will be established at 7 P. M. at the corner of Marlborough and Arlington streets, Boston. All members of the staff of this division are requested to report there promptly at 7 o'clock.

The 7th division, of which J. N. Hamlin '22 is chief marshal, is known as the "Collegiate Division," and is made up of the members of the Harding-Coolidge Clubs of Boston University, Harvard, M. I. T., and Tufts.

The Harvard unit of this division, of which A. McElwain '21 is chief marshal, will assemble in the Yard at 6.45 P. M. Here, torches, crimson sashes and red-fire will be given out. After leaving the Yard, the unit, headed by the University band, will go by the Freshman Dormitories, back up along Mt. Auburn street to Plympton street and thence by Massachusetts avenue to Boston. It will then march through Marlborough street to Arlington street where it will unite with the other college organizations and form behind the 6th division.


Officers and Aides Listed

The officers of the 7th division are: Division Marshal J. N. Hamlin '22; Chief of Staff, D. E. Snodgrass 3L.; Division Adjutant, R. E. Rundlett of M. I. T., and Divisional Quartermaster, W. E. Stearns '23.

The following divisional aides have been appointed: A. Horween ocC., H. D. Smith '21, W. T. Prendergast '22, G. A. Biles '22, H. C. Stetson '23, H. C. Lodge Jr. '24, W. Bainbridge of M. I. T., R. D. Greene of Boston University and R. W. Eldridge of Tufts.