Editorial Meistersingers

(The Crimson invites all men in the University to submit signed communications or timely interest. It assumes no responsibility, however, for sentiments expressed under this head and reserves the right to exclude any whose publication would be palpably inappropriate.)

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

It would seem time to muzzle the rather yapping political duds that have been hurled in the Crime to no effect whatever during the month past.

Both the editorial meistersingers as well as the infantile '24 Waterman-orators should be definitely discouraged and squelched in their puerile efforts at "settling" the national political issues of the day.

Let the Crime stick to its news bulletins, and its reports on handball tourneys. Those who desire political enlightenment may look to any of several national publications of positive merits. MALCOLM H. OETTINGER.


October 21, 1920.