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A tough scrimmage Tuesday at Yale Field was featured by the encouragingly fine play of Kempton at quarterback. The first team engaged the Second Eleven for half an hour, followed by a scrimmage between a combination team of substitutes and Dr. Bull's scrubs. While the regulars were playing, the first team scored twice, in each case the touchdown coming directly as the result of a clever run by Kempton. One of his dashes netted him 30 yards and a touchdown; the other was followed in a couple of plays by a second touchdown by Aldrich in a smash off tackle. Thorne Murphy, second-one-string quarterback, generalled the combination team, which was at no point strong enough to give him a chance to lift his customary goal from the field.

Murphy Remains Substitute

Kempton's impressive showing Tuesday, not only in his acknowledged ability as an A-1 runner, but in his excellent picking of plays, seems to give him the definite edge over Murphy at quarter back. There has been some talk in the press recently with regard to moving Kempton to halfback in order to work Murphy into the backfield; but Jones would scarcely care to put his only two capable quarterbacks in play at the same time, especially since Murphy is rather frail. Moreover "it would mean putting both his drop-kickers in at once, Aldrich being the other reliance in this line. In spite, then, of his excellent exhibition of running, forward passing and drop-kicking in the Carnegie game, Murphy will remain the foremost threat on the Yale sidelines, ready to go into the game at any time the Blue attack is held up with in the opponents 45-yard line. Coach Jones is taking no chances of a recurrence of Murphy's experience last year, when he was injured in the game with Boston College, and was of little value to Coach Sharpe for the rest of the season.

Added Tuesday to the injured list, on which Acosta and Sturm were enrolled Monday, were Munger and Kernan, second-string end and back, respectively. This is the second time Munger has been laid up, and this is trying the coaches since the former tackle needed all the experience he could get in learning the ropes of his new job at end.

Kilpatrick Joins Coaches

The coaching staff received a valuable addition in John R. Kilpatrick, former All-America end, who reported in uniform to help Coaches Vaughan and Moseley in drilling their squad of ends. At this position, two light, speedy men, Cutler and Dilworth, now have the call over the heavier transfers from tackle and the backfield. Cruikshank; is substituting for the injured Acosta. The line-up of the regular teams: Ends, Cutler and Dilworth; tackles, Dickens and Into; guards, Herr and Cruikshank; center, Callahan; quarterback, Kempton; halfbacks, Aldrich and French; fullback, Webb. The substitutes: Ends, Calhoun and Munger; tackles, Moore and O'Brien; guards, Bean and Trippe; center, Galvin; quarterback, Murphy; halfbacks, Kelly and Peterson; fullback, Kennan.

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