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Three times crossing the scrub goal line, and allowing but one score, a drop-kick late in the scrimmage, Coach Fisher's eleven yesterday made up for the repulse they received at the hands of the black-jerseyed eleven the day before. Captain Hotween and Owen were out of the scrimmage yesterday and their places were taken by Hamilton and Rouillard. This shift was only designed to give the regulars a rest, and does not indicate any change in the backfield to oppose Valparaise, which will consist of Buell, Horween, Owen and Humphrey, as Johnson's hand has not shown, sufficient improvement to risk his playing.

Holmes Out With Bad Ankle

Two more regulars were back in the scrimmage yesterday, when Gaston at end, and Woods, at guard, lined up against Coach Knox's eleven, replacing Holmes and Clark, who substituted for them on Tuesday. Holmes' ankle was rather badly injured in the scrimmage on that day, and it is uncertain when he will be in togs again, but it does not seem likely that he will be available much before the Williams game.

Although playing on Team A in signal practice, Havemeyer was out of the scrimmage yesterday. His place being taken by Tierney. Sedgwick also was kept out, but the big tackle did not get much rest as Trainer "Pooch Donovan" kept him trotting around the Stadium track.

The scrimmage started with the ball in possession of the University at mid-field, where Hamilton pulled a surprise by sifting through a hole in the black line, and slipping by the defensive back for a touchdown on the first play.

Humphrey Tears Loose

The tussle was resumed when the scrubs took the ball on their 20-yard line, but were unable to advance. The University advanced to within scoring distance, where a drop-kick by Buell failed, and the scrubs punted out of danger. They were not safe long, however, for Humphrey broke loose for a flashing 30-10 yards run, and was not downed till within 10 yards of the goal line. Roullard plunged over for a touchdown on the next play.

Starting with the ball on the Crimson 35-yard line. the hopes of the scrubs were quickly blighted when Olmsted nabbed a high forward pass. This was soon followed by a sensational run by Hamilton, his second one of the day, which brought the pigskin well into the black territory. Here, the seconds held, and Chapin's attempt at a field-goal fell short.

Chapin Runs Amuck

The Scrubs got under way for the first time, and tore off two 10-yard gains before the Crimson defense stiffened. After an exchange of punts, Chapin got away for a 20-yard run to the seconds' 30-yard mark. A pass to Fitzgerald put the University in position, and Chapin uncorked a wide-end run for the third and last touchdown.

After the scrubs had been given the ball of the University 30-yard mark, and exchange of punts left them in scoring position, and M. P. Davis '22 booted the pigskin between the goal posts from the 32-yard line.

There was no more scoring during the remainder of the afternoon. Coach Fisher gave every well man on the squad a chance in the tissue, and the two elevens seesawed back and forth without either gaining an advantage.

All Eyes on Ecklund

The Valparaise squad left Indiana yesterday, after a final work-out before a large and enthusiastic attendance from the student body. Ecklund, whose 47-yard drop-kick against Carroll College, has made him the most featured man on the team, booted several goals from scrimmage for the benefit of the crowd at the last practice. The final line-up as it went through practice: Ends, Ecklund and Carter; tackles, Conley and Gobeen; guards, Sawyer and Kriebel; center, Kercheval; quarterback, Searing; halfbacks, Bradley and Gilbert; fullback, Dandalet

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