With only one game to rely upon as a basis for judgment, it is difficult to form an accurate opinion of the strength of the Valparaiso football team, but it is certain that a heavy and experienced eleven of no mean strength will be sent into the Stadium on Saturday. With nine of last year's veterans back, Coach Keogan, the mentor who won fame as the sponsor of the formidable Great Lakes eleven during the war, has a reliable nucleus around which to build a team worthy to invade the east. Kercheval and Searing are the only men who didn't see service under Coach Keogan last fall.

The Western eleven uses a formation, uncommon in the east, in which the four backs are placed in a straight line parallel to the line of scrimmage. This gives added strength on end runs, but makes line-plunging less powerful. The elimination of the quarterback makes trick plays difficult from this formation, but the Westerners will undoubtedly uncover many variations of their basic formation.

Defeated Carroll College 51-0

The 51 to 0 victory over the light Carroll College team is hardly a test of the Valparaiso strength. The Lake Forest contest, scheduled for last Saturday, would have been a more reliable indication, but it was unfortunately called off. The Valparaiso players took advantage of this chance to see the Holy Cross eleven in action, as the big Catholic college is their principal rival.

Eckland, a kicking "marvel" from the Middle West, promises to be one of the greatest of Keogan's weapons against the University. In the past week, the team has been coached in formations for additional protection to Eckland, who drove the ball over the posts from the 47-yard line last Friday.


In the scrimmages of last week, Team A has shown much superiority over the seconds. Kriebel, the University tackle, is breaking through the scrub line and opening holes constantly. At center, Engstrom, 1919 center, is being pushed to the limit by Kercheval, a newcomer, and it is still a toss-up who will start Saturday.

Three Veterans in Backfield

The backfield will consist of three veterans with Searing, a new quarterback, piloting the team. Scanlon and Gilbert, both good ground gainers, are fighting for the halfback position, with Dandalet, a former St. Thomas College star, at full-back. Dandalet, Weighing 192, is the outstanding feature of the team; he is a terror on offensive, gaining almost at will, and a bulwark on the defense.

The line is strong and heavy, averaging 194 pounds. Kercheval or Engstrom will play center. Sawyer, Cook, Campbell and Holland comprise the guard squad. Captain Conley and Goheen will play at the tackle positions. At the ends will be Eckland and Carter, both heavy, and men of considerable experience.