Mr. Charles Swain Thomas '97, an editor of the Atlantic Monthly, will be the principal speaker at an open meeting of the Harvard Dramatic Club tomorrow evening at 7 o'clock in the Trophy Room of the Union. Mr. Thomas, who has been an instructor in the Harvard Summer-School for several years, is the author and editor of a number of English books and a noted student and critic of literature and the drama. J. W. D. Seymour '17, who directed the Dramatic Club's plays last year, and E. A. Whitney '17, a former officer of the club and member of the "47 Workshop," will also make short addresses upon some aspect of the drama and the work of the Harvard Dramatic Club.

All members of the University interested in the stage, as well as members of the Dramatic Club, are invited to attend this meeting, which will present an unusual opportunity not only to hear men who are experienced in the work of the modern theatre but also to learn of the wide and interesting field covered by the various departments of the Harvard Dramatic Club.

Meeting an Annual Event

The Dramatic Club holds every year an open meeting of this character at which some prominent man, or men, tell of this work which the club is carrying on. The heads of the different branches of the club outline the work of the competitions, which always begin soon after the meeting, and those who are interested, are given the opportunity of meeting the officers of the club and of asking any questions of them.

The three principal competitions which the Dramatic Club will conduct this fall come under the business, the stage, and the acting departments. The business competition consists chiefly of sending out subscription blanks and invitations, and of soliciting advertisements for the programs. The entire publicity campaign is managed by picked men in this department. The constructing and handling of scenery both in rehearsals and in actual performances is the principal work of the stage end, which also includes the lighting department.