Tonight at 8 o'clock, when Frederick H. Gillett, congressman of the 2d Massachusetts district and Speaker of the House of Representatives speaks in the Living Room of the Union, will begin an eventful week for the Union. The announcing of the complete election returns tomorrow night is the second event of importance, while on Friday evening next, the Union will be the scene of the big Harvard-Princeton ball. A buffet luncheon, which will be served from 12-2 next Saturday before the football game, and the sixth of the Union's series of tea dances after the game, will complete the week.

Before his speech tonight, Congressman Gillett will be entertained at a small dinner given by the Governing Board of the Union in the Trophy Room at 7 o'clock. Among the guests at this dinner will be the chairman of the committees connected with the organization of the Harding-Coolidge Club of Harvard. Mr. Gillett graduated from the Harvard Law School in 1877, entered politics two years later, and has now served in Congress for the past 27 years.

Special Wire for Election Returns

The special wire, which will bring the complete election returns to the Living Room of the Union tomorrow night from 7.30 on, will be connected with the Western Union's office in Boston, where the returns are manifolded and sent out all over New England as they come from the length and breadth of the country through the combined Associated Press and Westerns Union service. The returns will probably be later this year on account to the increase in ballots caused by the women's votes. The University Band will play at intervals throughout the evening until 11 o'clock. The Union will be open all night in order that members may come and go as they wish.

With the securing of Meyer Davis, himself, and his special orchestra from Washington, D. C., and the Black and White Club's musicians from Marlboro, the Union feels that the music for the Harvard-Princeton Ball, given under the auspices of the Glee Club and the Union next Friday night, is excellently provided for. All the other arrangements are nearing completion.


The list of patronesses for the ball is as follows: Mrs. A. Lawrence Lowell, Mrs. Matthew Luce, Mrs. George P. Baker, Mrs. George Wiggelsworth, Mrs. Andrew Adle, Mrs. Frederick Allen, Mrs. Harcourt Amory, Mrs. Edward W. Atkinson, Mrs. S. J. Barnet, Mrs. George Batchelder, Mrs. John L. Batchelder, Mrs. Fessendon Blanchard, Mrs. Theodore Bremer, Mrs. L. B. R. Briggs, Mrs. T. Handasyd Cabot, Mrs. Francis Lowell Coolidge, Mrs. William T. Councilman, Mrs. Charles P. Curtis, Mrs. George M. Cushing, Mrs. Harvey Cushing, Mrs. William Duane, Mrs. Robert Wales Emmons 2d, Mrs. Archer L. Faxon, Mrs. Sewell Fessenden, Mrs. Clarence S. Fiske, Mrs. Charles P. Greenough, Mrs. William Goodwin, Mrs. Clement S. Houghton, Mrs. George Howell, Mrs. Byron S. Hurlburt, Mrs. Daniel Fiske Jones, Mrs. F. Lowell kennedy, Mrs. Henry P. King, Mrs. Alexander Ladd, Mrs. E. H. MacFadden, Mrs. Roger B. Merriman, Mrs. E. C. Moore, Mrs. John S. Penman, Mrs. Charles Allen Porter, Mrs. William Lowell Putnam, Mrs. H. B. Richardson, Mrs. J. Montgomery Sears, Mrs. Willis Shepard, Mrs. Robert H. Stevenson Jr., Mrs. Ezra Thayer, Mrs. Albert Thorndike, Mrs. Augustus Thorndike Jr., Mrs. J. G. Thorp, Mrs. R. deC. Ward, Mrs. George S. West, Mrs. C. J. White and Mrs. E. A. Whitney.

All University and Princeton men and their friends are invited to the ball and to the buffet luncheon to be served on Saturday, but the tea dance after the football game is for Princeton men and members of the Union, with their guests only, while the various meetings of the week are open only to members of the Union.

The Union now has 1809 members, a number already in excess of last year's membership roll. Any member of the University may still join by signing an application blank to be found at the Union or sent upon request