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Never in the last five years has the University had such a large field of high-grade players from which to pick a team and prospects for next year are exceedingly bright. Judging from the enthusiasm shown this fall and from both the quantity and quality of the players, next season should be a banner year for the tennis team. Two of last year's regulars will be back to form a nucleus, and competition for the remaining four positions promises to be exceedingly close and hard fought. The disappointing showing made by the two letter men in the fall tournaments was the immediate result of over-playing and staleness. When playing their average game they both easily stand head and shoulders above the rest of the candidates in either playing ability or tournament experience.

Fenno Will Be Back

J. B. Fenno '21, one of last year's regulars, will be back again. His remarkably steady backcourt game stamps him as the best defensive player the University has had in the last four years. The well concealed direction of his drives, his imperturbability under adverse circumstances and his knowledge of inside tennis are the results of many years of tournament experience.

R. Bradley's game is also built on conservative lines with steadiness as the predominant feature. He lacks aggressiveness and deep, forcing strokes, but some of his matches end with the exhaustion of one of the players.

J. Kleberg '22 has unusually fast dropping cross-court drives. He is a good volleyer and, together with F. T. Pratt '22, forms an effective combination. Until this fall G. C. Guild '23 was best known for his booming forehand drive. He has ably demonstrated, however, that he is not a one-shot player and that he can mix to advantage both steadiness and speed. He has an unusually quick eye which facilitates the execution of his hard-hit forehand drives.

Duane High-Strung Type

M. Duane '23 is the type of high-strung temperamental player; at times exhibiting remarkable brilliancy and then again sinking into wild spells of erraticness. He commands a great variety of strokes, one of his best being a very deceptive backhand drive. His nervousness and lack of cool, calm judgment handicaps him considerably and is not conducive to good team-work in doubles.

J. D. Farnham '23 has neither Guild's speed nor Duane's versatility, but is a much better volleyer than either and has more tenacity. He is fast on his feet and covers the court well.

J. R. Morss '21 and L. Frost '23 have shown promising form as well as C. P. Holmes '22, F. T. Pratt '22, W. T. Richards '21, V. Romaine '22, W. Fleibleman '21 and L. Hill '22.

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