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The results of Saturday's games on Eastern gridirons caused considerable upheaval in the statistical records of teams and players for the season to date.

Penn State, which maintained the leadership prior to last week in the number of points scored, was forced to relinquish its position to the Army, which by its 90 to 0 landslide over Bowdoin leaped into first place with a total of 315 points. Williams also, due to its 50-14 rout of Wesleyan, went ahead of Penn State, showing an aggregate of 305 against the State's 259.

As far as defenses are concerned, Boston College, by holding its opponents to 13 points in 5 games, looks best on paper. Princeton and Pittsburg have had 33 and 44 points scored against them in seven games, while the University and Penn State have allowed their opponents 28 and 35 points respectively in eight games.

French, the Army fullback, made the greatest gain on Boynton of Williams, who still tops the list of individual scorers with a total of 137 points. French displaced Kaw of Cornell as the runner-up with 91 points. The first nine men follow: Boynton of Williams, 137; French of the Army, 91; Mayer of Cornell, 73; Kaw of Cornell, 72; Way of Penn State, 68; Kellogg of Syracuse, and Peck of Wesleyan, 56 each; Oden of Brown, 50, and Horween of the University, with 49.

Of the rest of the University eleven, Hamilton, with an aggregate of 43, is twelfth; Faxon, with 13 goals from touchdowns, ranks eighty-third; while Owen, with 12 points to his credit, is eighty-fifth.

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