"4 TO 1?"

No matter how many times the absurdity of "comparative scores" is proven, there always are a few "dopesters" who believe in them. Even the men who last week figured out by this method that Penn State would put Lehigh to rout are this week sure that the game tomorrow will be an easy victory for the Crimson. Although most of us are too wise to believe such stuff, it will not do any harm to consider the facts seriously.

By "comparative scores," Yale would have beaten Princeton because of her much better showing against West Virginia. There is no doubt that Yale had an "off-day" against Princeton, and there is every reason to believe that she will be in far better form tomorrow than against West Virginia.

Unfounded optimism to the contrary, the following facts remain and are not to be laughed at:

1. Yale will present her line-up of regulars for almost the first time this season tomorrow.

2. A shift in the ends has greatly strengthened the Yale wings,--her greatest weakness against Princeton.


3. Coach Jones has had a week to smooth out any rough spots in the play of his men.

4. Every break in the game last week aided Princeton,--it is Yale's turn to be favored by fortune.

5. The Yale team will be playing on their home-grounds.

6. Coach Jones has one of the most powerful elevens in the history of college football. At the start of the year, his material was considered the best in the country.

7. Unless the Yale players are mentally backward, they won't repeat the mistakes in judgment which have counted against them earlier this year.

8. And, what is most important of all, there has never been a Yale eleven which has not put up a stronger fight against Harvard than in any game it has played all year, or that has stopped playing a fierce, aggressive, savage game until the whistle blows for time. Yale has never been an unworthy rival.

And yet there are gentlemen down at New Haven who have the brazenness to offer 4 to 1 odds, and, what is worse, there are others at Cambridge who let them get away with it!