"The cooperation of every single man in the undergraduate body at the University toward the completion of the Harvard Endowment Fund is needed if the University is to put across the plan of raising $15,250,000."

In an interview with a CRIMSON reporter last night Mr. John Richardson, Vice-Chairman of the Endowment Fund Committee, said that the University is appealing to undergraduates because the need of subscriptions is imperative.

"The College sorely needs the entire sum quoted above. It will fall unless the undergraduates take it upon themselves to help.

"A year ago this fall the Endowment Committee set out to raise a fund of $15,250,000 for the University. Of this sum $12,000,000 was to be applied to a 50 percent salary increase of the teaching force; $1,000,000 was for a mobile fund, to be kept unpledged to meet opportunities which arise for special work or the obtaining of exceptional teachers; $250,000 for the salaries of instructors of physical education; $1,000,000 for salaries of teachers in the Dental School, 80 percent of whom are now unpaid; $1,000,000 for necessary additions to the staff in the department of chemistry.

"At the close of the campaign last fall slightly over $12,000,000 had been subscribed with 59 percent of the men who had attended Harvard enrolled as subscribers.


"This fall the work to complete the fund and enroll every possible Harvard man as a subscriber has been renewed. It is now being carried on with great activity by committees from every college class from 1864 to 1920. These committees in the more numerous classes average over fifty men each and are working in all parts of the country.

"The introduction of the campaign at the University was decided upon after mature deliberation and the committee consulted the Student Council. The matter was placed before the Council and it unanimously voted to initiate an active campaign to be carried on concurrently with the campaign of the graduates, which closes December 4th.