A Senior Discovers "Mem"

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

The other day I went into Memorial Hall for a transient lunch. In the course of the passing moments, I was vastly amused by my paradoxical school-mates.

Some students happened to walk down the aisle with their coats on. This obviously is a breach of etiquette! Wearing a hat or coat in the dining room IS wrong. But to an equal degree, if not, more is the terrific screaming, yelling and the raising of a general St. Vitus turmoil which was indulged in by most of the diners--ostensibly to show disapproval of "wrong etiquette" but methinks an opportunity inadvertently seized by sub-conscious entities to show the genuine essence within; men cursed with a woeful lack of self-restraint. . . . .

I wish to point out to these inconsistent upholders of "proper decorum" that one wrong does not justify another. M. D. POTTER '21.

November 26, 1920.