The program of the Fall Handicap Meet held yesterday at Soldiers Field was cut short by darkness, so that the two-mile run and the finals of the 160-yard dash will be run off today, along with the competition in the hammer throw, shot put, broad and high jumps, and the pole vault. All contestants should report at the Locker Building promptly at 3.45. Prize winners may obtain their medals at the H. A. A. tomorrow at 1.30.

The results of yesterday's events are as follows:

100-Yard Dash--First heat won by C. B. S. Evans '22; second, L. Flax '23; time, 10.4. Second heat won by H. W. Davis '24; second, D. Stearns '22; time, 10.4. Third heat won by R. D. Howard '23; second, A. Simmons '24; time, 10.3. Final heat won by R. D. Howard '23; second, A. Simmons '24; third, H. W. Davis '24; time, 10.3. Handicaps were: Howard, scratch; Simmons, 3 yards; Davis, 2 yards.

160-Yard Dash--First heat won by T. W. Norris '24; second, A. Simmons '24; third, B. T. Manning '24; time, 16.4. Second heat won by D. L. Cohen '21; second, C. H. Baldwin; third, J. Sobaroff '22; time, 17. Finals today.

440-Yard Dash--Won by E. T. Doherty '21 (scratch); second, C. H. Nicoll '23 (15 yards); third, W. H. Lewis '22 (19 yards); time, 54.2.


Half-Mile Run--Won by D. Kairns '23 (scratch); second, W. J. Reycroft '24 (35 yards); third M. R. Pihl '22 (scratch); time, 2 min. 8 sec.

Mile Run--Won by R. C. Pannier '24, (80 yards); second E. W. Baldwin '23 (80 yards); third, J. S. Shepley '21 (30 yards); time, 4 min. 42 sec.

120-Yard Low Hurdles--Won by R. H. Sears '24; second, J. A. Wood '24; third, C. P. Hauers '23; time, 15.4 sec.

The University harriers had a time trial for the Yale race over the course at Belmont yesterday. Captain Bemis crossed the tape in a time far excelling any thus far accomplished. He was followed by C. E. Dexter '22, E. C. Reycroft '21 and J. G. Winchester '23, in that order.