Repeating Performance of Last Year, Crimson and Orange Fight Out Four Periods Without Reaching Decision, Thrilling Stadium Throngs With Desperate Attempts to Break Tie

The Stadium, Soldiers Field, Nov. 6--The University team ran on the field at 1.20, followed at 1.35 P. M. by the Princeton eleven. Scheerer got off some beautiful 50-yard spirals and Murrey booted neat goals constantly from the 30 and 35-yard line.

Ten minutes before the game, the Crimson, led by Captain Horween, rushed into the enclosure. Three teams lined up and wept down the field in signal practice. A steady stream of people is crowding slowly over the bridge. Behind the Stadium automobiles stretched parked from inside the baseball field well out to the farthest eastern confines of Soldiers Field. The Tiger's first string line-up pushed through the crowd at the entrance and went through signals. The substitutes followed to the bench.

Captains Horween and Callahan met in the center and Tiny Maxwell spun the coin. Princeton cheers were given for every man starting the game. Horween won the toss. Strubing, last year's Princeton quarterback, walked across to take the Princeton end of the lines. Sid Curtis has his customary job on the other jole.

The teams lined up as follows: HARVARD.  PRINCETON. Kane, l.e.  l.e., Legendre Faxon, l.t.  l.t., Keck Tolbert, l.g.  l.g., McMamnon Havemeyer, c.  c., Callahan Woods, r.g.  r.g., Dickinson Hubbard, r.t.  r.t., Hooper Crocker, r.e.  r.e., Stimson Fitzgerald, q.b.  q.b., Lourie Churchill, r.h.  r.h., Gilroy Owen, l.h.  l.h., Garrity Horween, f.b.  f.b., Scheerer

First Period


Harvard is defending the north goal. Keck kicked off for Princeton to Tolbert on the 30-yard line. He was downed on 38-yard line tackled by Keck. Owen around right end for four yards on kick formation, Stinson tackling. Owen punted to 20-yard line to Lourie, who ran back five yards. Princeton was penalized for holding. Harvard's first down on Princeton's 46-yard line.

Owen made five yards at left tackle, Owen went through the same hole for three more. Owen bucked center for a yard and a half. Harvard has half yard to go. Owen made first down on Princeton's 34-yard line. Owen made a yard at left tackle, stopped by Dickinson. Owen on delayed pass ran to Princeton's 16-yard line. Princeton was penalized 15 yards to their one-yard line for piling on. Horween failed to gain.

Owen pushed it to half-yard line stopped by Callahan. Horween hurdled center for the touchdown. Fitzgerald holds the ball for Faxon. Goal by Faxon. Most of the gains for the touchdown made behind Tolbert and Faxon.

Princeton is defending the south goal. Horween kicked off to Lourie on seven-yard line spilled on 33-yard line by Tolbert.

Garrity made four yards. Lourie failed to gain on an end run, tackled by Hubbard. Scheerer passed to Lourie for first down on Harvard's 49-yard line. Garrity made six yards at left guard. Forward pass from Scheerer knocked down by Hubbard. Princeton offside, penalized five yards.

Scheerer passed to Garrity, who made four yards. Horween was hurt but resumed play. Garrity through center for first down on 37-yard line. Lourie cumbled pass recovered by Woods on 42-yard line. Churchill failed to gain. Callahan tackled. Owen kicked to Lourie on 15-yard line who ran the ball to $2-yard line. Tackled by Hubbard. Hubbard's knee was hurt on the play. Hubbard resumed play.

Garrity made three yards at right guard, Princeton was offside, penalized five yards. Garrity carried ball seven yards to 36-yard line. Gilroy on dayed pass made the 48-yard line, leaving half-yard to go for first down. Garrity made first down through center on 44-yard line. Lourie wormed through the center of the line to Harvard's $6-yard line for first down before being tackled by Tolbert. Garrity made two yards. Lourie's forward pass was knocked down by Faxon. On end run Lourie was spilled for three-yard loss, tackled by Horween. Fourth down on 35-yard line with 10 yards to go. Keck, back, attempting a field goal. The kick is blocked but McManmon recovers on Harvard's 35-yard line.

Each team has completed three first downs.

Scheerer passed over line but Horween knocked down the pass out of the arms of the Princeton man. Harvard's ball on 20-yard line. Churchill made three yards. Churchill made five yards, tackled by Keck. Owen punted outside on Harvard's 49-yard line. Lourie lost eight yards on bad pass from center. Qarrity was tackled by Hubbard for no gain.

Pass, Lourie to Garrity, made seven yards. Harvard penslized 15 yards for holding the play. Princeton's ball, first down on Harvard's 12-yard line. Horween's finger is hurt. Garrity made a yard. Lourie failed to gain. (End quarter.) Harvard 7, Princeton 0.