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Add a field goal to either score and you have an almost exact replica of Saturday's Harvard-Princeton knot in the Yearlings performance in the Tiger's lair.

Staring, as did the University team with an initial rush, lying dormant for three periods, then coming back strong in the last quarter was the exhibition of the Freshmen against the Tiger cubs. Recovering a fumbled kick at mid-field, 1924 unloosened its star back, E. S. Gebrke, for a 24-yard gain a few minutes after the game started. P. Jenkins' subsequent try for a field goal was blocked. Here the Freshmen were given one of the startling breaks that enabled them to leave the field undefeated. Van Gerbig lumbled a pass from center from the 20-yard. line, and a Crimson linesman pounced on it. Gehrke tore through for 10 yards and then went over for the first score.

Smith Most of Tiger Team

But the Freshmen's bolt was shot for the moment; the Tigers, aided by a five-yard penalty, completed a 30-yard pass, Smith to Tyson, after the next kickoff. Four plunges sufficed to tie the score just before the period ended. After the kick-off. Princeton recovered a fumbled punt on the Freshmen's 20-yard line. Carrying on with the same drive which netted the previous goal, Captain Smith carried the ball over in four plunges. At this point the Tiger rush stopped up, and a period was spent in useless passes and exchanges of kicks, accompanied by many fumbles. In the third quarter, however, they completed their damage. Another long pass by Smith put the Tigers in position for a field goal, which Captain Smith made with case from the 25-yard line. Throughout the game this halfback was the strongest factor in the Freshmen's near undoing. Making both of Princeton's touchdowns, he kicked both goals and scored the drop-kick.

After this rally, the Freshmen displayed sheer desperation, and whereas they had theretofore tried end runs and every sort of open play, they uncorked a series of punishing line-bucks. Eight rushes carried them 40 yards. Jenkins made 25 yards more. Lockwood and Gehrke simply ripped up the Orange bar

rier and brought the score up to 17 to 14. Princeton replied to this rush by running back the kick-off 35 yards. A lucky fumble gave the Yearlings the ball, though they failed to advance it. Gehrke's punt was the center of the next big break: though blocked it rebounded from a crimson-jerseyed back and rolled 20 yards towards the Tiger's goal, where a Yearling fell on it. Encouraged by this turn in fortune, the Freshmen pushed down the field to the 20-yard mark. Jenkins, though withdrawn with an injury, returned to the game and dropped a pretty goal within seven seconds of the end of the game.

1924.  PRINCETON.Pentalconi, Morse, r.e.  l.e., SadlerHolder, r.t.  l.t., MaladyDonovan, r.g.  l.g., PaschalBradford, c.  c, PollGrew, l.g.  r.g., BarclayHenry, Storey, Schwarz, l.t.  r.t., EverettCrosby, Hill, l.e.  r.e., TysonLee, Howe, q.b.  q.b. Hohn-SmithJenkins, r.h.b.  l.h.b., VanG erbigLockwood, l.h.b.  r.h.b. EmeryGehrke, Gordon, Merrill, f.b.  f.b., Smit

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