Both University and Freshman wrestling will get under way today. All candidates for both of these teams should report in the wrestling room of the Hemenway Gymnasium at 4 o'clock this afternoon. Candidates for the second-assistant and Freshman managerial competitions must report at 8.30 this morning at the H. A. A.

Although as many men as possible are urged to come out, football men particularly are wanted. Freshmen football men, although they will not be required to start practicing until December 6, are also expected to report this afternoon.

Sam Anderson, last year's coach, has again been secured to direct the work of the different squads, which will meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, from 2 to 6. In order to make the work easier for all concerned, Freshmen are requested to report from 2 to 4 and candidates for the University team, from 4 to 6; this is not compulsory, however.

After Coach Anderson has had a chance to size up his material, both squads will be divided according to weight into the following classes: 115, 125, 135, 145, 158, 175 pounds and heavy-weight, four pounds overweight, however, will be allowed in each class.

The regular tournament to determine the class champions will be held in conjunction with the boxing tournament in the first part of March. For the present, however, the men will devote their entire time to learning the fundamentals and to getting into condition.


The schedule although not yet complete will probably include meets with Princeton, Yale, Brown, Tufts, M. I. T., Springfield College, winners of last year's New England Intercollegiates, and Penn State, intercollegiate champions of the United States. All of these meets will be held away from Cambridge, except Springfield and Princeton.