Three radical system of government will be described and explained in the discussion of "The Types of Socialism" to be held under the auspices of the Student Liberal Club in the Trophy Room of the Union tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. Harry W. Laidler, Ph.D., Columbia, will expound socialism; J. T. Doran will outline the principles of the Industrial Workers of the World; and Dr. Antoinette F. Konikow will uphold the doctrines of communism. The meeting is being particularly arranged for students of Economics and Social Ethics but other members of the Union and the Student Liberal Club are welcome.

Mr. Laidler is an expert on labor and social problems, and author of "Boycotts and the Labor Struggle," "Socialism in Thought and Action," and other treatises on similar subjects. He has been active in the work of the Socialist Party and is at present Secretary of the Intercollegiate Socialist Society, an organization which aims to promote the study of Socialism in the colleges of the country.

J. T., or as he is better known, "Red" Doran is one of the leading exponents of the I. W. W. principles. He has given talks on Syndicalism in most of the leading universities of the agricultural west and is now touring the country to raise funds for the Workers' Defense Conference.

The third speaker of the evening, Dr. Antoinette F. Knoikow, is now practicing medicine in Boston, having come to America shortly after the Russian revolution. She is working for the Communist Labor Party and is one of the most prominent exponents of communism in this country.

Before the meeting a dinner will be given in the Trophy Room of the Union at 6 o'clock for members of the Liberal Club and certain invited guests. The speakers of the evening will be present, while among the other guests will be R. S. Meriam '14, Instructor and Tutor in the Economics Department, who is to preside at the meeting.