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"The Nominating Committee shall have general charge of the class elections"--so reads the Constitution of the Senior Class. The Nominating Committee of the Class of 1921 saw fit to follow this proviso in the following manner:

1. It neglected to appoint poll watchers.

2. It neglected to have ballots printed.

3. It neglected to appoint men enough to count the ballots.

4. It neglected to sufficiently instruct and supervise the men who counted the ballots.

These four functions of the committee were performed in a haphazard manner by a various assortment of class officers, Crimson "heelers" and others who happened about in the nick of time.

5. It neglected to draw up a voting list even approximately correct.

6. As soon as things became hot the committee threw up its hands, asked for a new election, gave out various and conflating rumors which the Boston papers got hold of and printed for fact; thereby all the nominees were dons a grave injustice, and Harvard was very quickly injured in the public eye.

The President of the Senior Class should Dumediately demand the resignation of the entire committee and place the next class election in the hands of competent men.

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