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As at present the indoor facilities for exercise at the University are used to capacity, the Department of Physical Education has decided to keep attendance records at all the places where men report for indoor exercise, beginning today and continuing for one week.

Compare Results With March, 1920

These records will be kept at all the places where men go for organized athletic exercise, such as the Hemenway Gymnasium, the Big Tree Swimming Pool, the University Squash Courts, the Freshman Athletic Building, the Baseball Cage and the Newell Boathouse. After the figures have been compiled they will be compared with those taken last March, which showed that the average number of men who took part in some athletic activity daily was 1,340.

The following statement which was included in a recent "Attendance Survey" report issued by the Department of Physical Education, describes the need for more indoor athletic facilities: "Most of the indoor facilities at Harvard are used to capacity. This reflects an appreciation on the part of many College men of the value of regular exercise. The increasing number of men who use the various facilities for exercise indicates that some time in the future there will be a need for a large indoor plant that ought to include, among other things, basketball courts, two swimming pools, one for general swimming and for competition, and the other for instruction purposes, a hockey rink, a baseball cage large enough for a regulation diamond with an opportunity for infield practice during the winter season, indoor track facilities, a special apparatus room, a trophy room, general offices, lockers and showers."

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