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Two teams have been selected to represent the University in the triangular debate with Bates and Colgate to be held on the 15th of January since the final trials which took place recently. Though the order of the speakers is not absolutely definite, the final choice in all matters resting with the coach, the only really questionable position is that of first speaker on both teams. Two of the eight men now chosen will be made alternates after some practice has determined which two are best qualified as speakers. Much of the material this year is inexperienced, but it is hoped that with hard work, which will begin on Monday evening, January 3d, strong teams may be realized.

The teams as chosen by the board of judges at the final trials are as follows:

Affirmative Team--H. Starr '21 and P. R. Harmel '23, first speakers; H. J. Friendly '23, second speaker; and C. W. Phelps '22, third speaker, and in charge of the team for the present.

Negative Team--E. D. Hutchinson '22 and S. A. Rosenblatt '22, first speakers; H. W. Hardy '22, second speaker; and R. S. Fanning unC., third speaker, and in charge of team temporarily.

Freshman debating is now under way as the result of a meeting held in Smith Halls Common Room recently. After a brief outline of the plans for the season by W. S. Holbrook Jr. '21, chairman of the committee on Freshman debating, B. F. Jones '22, President of the Debating Council, supervised the voting for officers and other work of organization.

R. S. Bowers of Brookline was elected President; M. J. Shagan of Brooklyn, New York, Vice-President; and F. E. Bowman of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, Secretary-Treasurer, of the Freshman debating club for the present season. A large number were present at the meeting and it is expected that the club will help to maintain the interest in debating and prepare good material for both Freshman and University debating teams in the future.

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