General Robert Georges Nivelle and Colonel Paul Azan of the French Army will be the speakers at the fourth main lecture in the Union series this year, at 4 o'clock this afternoon in the Living Room of the Union. Both visitors are to speak in English and they will be introduced by H. H. Faxon '21, vice-president of the Union. It is expected that General Nivelle will take as his subject Franco-American relations and problems, especially international, while Colonel Azan is expected to deal more closely with the University and its part in and after the war.

The General and Colonel Azan, who has been appointed his aide by the French government during his stay in Boston, will arrive in Cambridge early this afternoon. At 3 o'clock President Lowell will hold a reception in their honor, to which all former members of the University R. O. T. C. are invited. Professors W. B. Munro '99, Andre Morize and R. B. Perry Ph.D. '99, all of whom served as officers under Colonel Azan in the University Regiment, will be present.

17 Gun Salute by Artillery Unit

Following the reception, the party will visit the Widener Library, where Professor Archibald C. Coolidge '87, Director of the Library, will conduct them about. Upon their arrival at the Library, a battery of the University Field Artillery Unit, commanded by Major R. F. C. Goetz, and stationed at the foot of the steps, will fire a salute of 17 guns. At the Union the party will he greeted by a reception committee composed of prominent members of the Faculty, the Governing Board, and the Undergraduate Committee of the Union. Upon their entry into the Living Room the University Band will play the Marseillaise.

Special arrangements have been made to accommodate the big crowd expected. Members of the University who have not yet joined the Union, may be admitted upon applying for membership cards at the door.


General Nivelle Verdun Hero

General Nivelle, one of the foremost French leaders during the war, commanded the French Army which saved Verdun from the Germans. He is visiting America as the delegate from his government to the Pilgrim Tercentenary Celebration of the American Mayflower Council. During his two days in Boston his time is well taken up with speeches and dinners. Tonight, after his speech at the Union, he is to dine in town, and later address a meeting of the Federal Council of American Churches on "Christian Internationalism."

Colonel Azan is well known in Cambridge for his leadership of the Harvard Regiment in the early months of the war. He is in this country for the first time since the Armistice.